FlyNBuy assists airlines in providing a more personalized service to passengers taking into account their food and drink preferences, their shopping behavioral trends and mood, offering access to entertainment of their liking, including films, music and games.

FlyNBuy box is a portable, low-cost, easy-to-install battery-powered device, that is autonomous and does not need to be connected to the aircraft.

Via the created wireless private network, it connects the in-flight crew to passengers, offering an end-to-end solution.

FlyNBuy app for the in-flight team is easy-to-use and download! Its unique features for the cabin crew and management are:

  • Learn every customer’s preferences;

  • Offer personalized service to customers;

  • Receive passengers’ orders of refreshments and in-flight sales via the app;

  • Faster streamline service provision to customers;

  • Communicate with every in-flight passenger discretely via the app;

  • Earn good reviews and receive feedback from passengers.

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