About FlyNBuy

The latest market research has pointed out that the priorities of air travelers have significantly shifted; and over champagne and flat beds, their number one of the short list of airplane essentials is to have an opportunity to browse, shop and stay connected.

On the other hand, realizing the market demand, the airlines have struggled with the provision of consistent value-for-money airborne internet connection onboard.

FlyNBuy mobile app and box come to revamp the air travelers’ experience. It is a digital omnichannel retail and entertainment platform connecting air travelers and retailers around the globe by means of creating a private hot-spot connecting to our solution and a digital catalogue.

Our Vision

We constantly think how to break out of the mental restrictions, scout and devise ideas and implement them, venturing into the unknown seeking new discoveries.

The optimist might look to the sky and envision distant civilisations, while a pessimist might see the dark sky like a threatening swirl of a black hole in cosmic loneliness. We take onboard either over a realist, who looks to the sky only for signs of rain never to consider the infinite possibilities the cosmos may hold.

Our ability to look beyond the obvious and to use our imagination is not enough. We are prepared to move to answer our hearts desires, in our belief that it is achievable. We are willing to overcome boundaries set by man, to learn to experience and to do what others say can’t be done.