Airline Solutions

FlyNbuy, is an Ancillary Revenue end to end system for the airline industry. It consists of a high speed wireless hub certified for commercial aircraft married to a comprehensive software suite.

Catering / Retail Solutions

FlyNbuy will transform the inflight catering & retailing industry. Featuring the ability to pre-order meals. Retail product loading to suit the profile of the passengers and the destination.

PAX Services

The AirBox, our wireless hub, can deliver entertainment, destination videos, food and drink menus, shopping catalogs, advertising, and any other digital media.

Personalised promotions
Providing options based on AI & preferences for a more personalised service.
Digital ordering to inseat
Passenger are able to order food & drinks via there own smart devices.
Digital music
`Buy on board retail & order for home delivery creates new ways to sell.
Interactive games
Interactive direct marketing capabilities designed to reach travellers.
In app destination ticketing
The ability to order goods for delivery to the travel destination or home.
Digital Media & Movies
Digital Inflight marketing, reaching a captive audience in a new way.

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